a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.
"her cheeks were flushed with excitement"

synonyms: exhilaration, elation, animation, enthusiasm, eagerness, anticipation, feverishness;

something that arouses enthusiasm and eagerness; an exciting incident.

plural noun: excitements
"the excitements of the previous night"

synonyms: thrill, pleasure, delight, joy; 

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MadJam Fitness has some exciting news for you! We are happy to announce that we are completely re-branding and opening an online fitness studio in August 2015.


Workout with us from the comfort of your own home. No equipment, no problem! Pick from classes with or without any fitness equipment and challenge yourself with your own body-weight.  We will be uploading fresh and new hard hitting 35min sessions weekly.

Learn about the benefits of incorporating Essential oils into your life. The powers of oils are limitless from cooking to cleaning and everything in between.

Not sure what to feed your body? Tailored meal plans and recipes available to suit your needs.

With your membership you receive full access to a video and exercise library. Workout on your schedule!

oil theraphy

video and exercise library

nutritional guidance

We have a flexible schedule with classes suitable for all fitness levels.

fitness classes

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